Born and raised in Cologne, Nora Gärtner-Schallenberg was prone to creativity from an early age. Growing up in an artisanal household, her parents taught her that being creative was something she could apply to every aspect of life. She learned early on that nearly everything could be made or fixed. “Geht nicht, gibt’s nicht”, which loosely translates to “does not work, does not exist”, is a term she always has in the back of her mind. Her artistic journey and vision is very much entangled with tending to personal grief  and self healing and her work is always a reflection of what is going on inside of her.

Anything can spark interest and inspiration comes from nature as much as daily life. Recycling material and using found objects plays a big role in her work and she is always experimenting with new techniques. Her work includes abstract and figurative mixed media paintings, still lifes, drawings, clay sculptures and objects and she is currently working on a series of plaster objects and experimenting with different knitting and crocheting techniques. Paintings are strongly influenced by specific colors and all work is often started based on an emotion towards somebody or something or a particular experience.


Instagram: @noragaertnerschallenberg